I wanted to know if I start bleeding after a month after giving birth will that be counted hayd or is that still the istihaza?? If it is istihaza should I continue with the rules or should bath everyday for namaz if the bleeding is more.. or discontinue the namaz if it is Hayd?
I would also like to ask about offering fasts during breastfeeding during the month of Ramadan. Is it permissible to offer fasting?

if after a month you srart bleeding then u consider it as haidh but if it continues more than 10 days then you follow rules of istihaza. If the woman is not affected by fasting, and fasting is not too difficult for her, and she does not fear for her child, then she is obliged to fast, and it is not permissible for her not to fast. so u have to decide that your child should not be effected by fasting