I work And am a revert of many years and try and help in very hard cases of abuse, neglect etc.

I want to make a good and binding English contract to be included with nikkah.

I'm thinking that the easiest way is to have added to the nikka as a clause no matter Arabic, Urdu, etc that:

If a Civil Divorce has been granted in Australia * by courts then Islamic Divorce MUST be granted.

Please give advice or suggestions. Please note all reverts do not enter a marriage with even thought of divorce, but in some cases reverts are being extremely neglected as there is no family to support them. Sadly I can give you many cases. Here, UK, USA, Canada. Seems to be pattern sadly for many reverts or many stay married in fear of back lash of Muslim community.

I totally endorse the idea and I am a great advocate of prenups for every Islamic marriage