I would like to ask and get some clarification about the essesnce of Jinns and iblis .

1. We generally know that Jinns are created of fire or smokeless fire – is that correct?

2. We sometimes hear that Jinns can take different forms like that of an animal and also a human being – Is that true?

3. If true for the above, then can they take any person’s form?
And If they are created of fire then how can they transform themselves?

4. Can Jinns or Satan possess a human being? In what way? How? And can they harm?

5. What is Ruqya? Is it Islamic

6. Can you advice some readings on Jinns

1- Yes they are created from fire.

2- Yes

3- There is no evidence that they can take recognizable human figures (like taking the form of your brother or friend for example). Their origin is fire, now this doesn’t mean that now they have the properties of fire. We are created from clay, but it doesn’t mean our bodies behave like clay. So even though they were created from fire they can take on different forms because they are light and less dense than humans.

4- It is disputed among scholars. Some say yes while many say no they cannot possess human beings. Yes they can whisper to humans or cause them some harm but they cannot possess them and control them.

5- It is basically Du’as to protect for their influence. Those Du’as that have passed down from the Ahlulbayt (a) are trusted. Otherwise we don’t trust them.

6- https://www.al-islam.org/180-questions-enquiries-about-islam-volume-2-various-issues/8-what-reality-jinn