I would like to ask and get some clarification about the visiting of the Holy Personalities in the Majaalises of imam Hussain (as) held in Husainiyyah and homes of people
1. Is it true ?
2. How do they visit , physical or spiritual?
3. Sometimes we hear the Zakir specifically mentioning that Hazrat Zahra (as) visit the Majaalis of imam Hussain (as) and also collect the tears of believers?
4. Please provide references to the answers

1- We have many hadiths that crying for Imam Hussain (a) makes Lady Fatima (a) happy, and it reaches Lady Fatima:

كامل الزيارات عن الإمام الصادق ” عليه السلام ” قال : ( وما من باك يبكيه إلا وقد وصل فاطمة ” عليها السلام ” وأسعدها عليه

Such hadiths indicate she is aware of the Majales, because when we cry she knows about it.

2- There is a hadith that indicates (in an incident) Lady Fatima (a) attended the Majlis of Imam Hussain (a), but the hadith does not have a chain in our early sources. However, since Lady Fatima’s soul is alive there is nothing wrong with believing that her spiritual presence exists in the majalis of Imam Hussain (a).

3- We don’t have any hadiths that states she collects the tears. This maybe based on a dream.