I would like to ask you about praying salatul layl. Lately since this past summer, I am only praying the Shafa’ and Witr. And not only that but most of the times I pray it laying down in my bed or sitting cross legged on the floor in a meditation position. I have been going through a spiritually low phase, however I don’t want to abandon this Tahhajud prayer. The problem is I feel extremely guilty for not standing up for Allah swt…not to mention not praying the full 11 rake’s like I used to. Can you give me advice or word of comfort? I know I am permitted to pray nafila prayers without standing but for some reason it scares me to think I am not getting any thawab or less thawab then a servant who stands to pray them. I’m hoping you can shed some light on this concern for me.

Some thoughts:

1- Instead of feeling guilt, which is burdensome, try to feel excitement that you spent even a few minutes with your Lord. Yes, it’s our loss if we don’t spend enough time, but try not to feel burdened. This is one of the tactics of Shaytan to de-motivate us and deflate us from worshipping Allah. Even if you prayed the Shaf’ and Watr only, while lying down, just feel honored that you worshipped your Creator and connected to Him. When we pray less than the 11, one way to compensate for that is to increase the quality of the 3 that we are praying. Focus more. Make them from your heart more. The quality is more important than the quantity.

2- You can do Qadha’ of the 8 you missed. It’s highly recommended and carries a great reward. It’s best to do the Qadha’ during daylight, not at night.

3- Change the timing of when to pray. Pray a few rak’as before you sleep, then a few more before fajr (for example).