I'm a reverted Shia since 2016 and was following Sunnism since birth as I'm borned in a Sunni family and my family members still follow the same. After a long self study and research, I accepted Shi'ism Alhamdulillah. However, I've planned to get marry and was trying since last couple of years in a Shia family but no one accepted me neither the girl nor the girl's family. The reason is Shia thinks my family is Sunni and Sunni thinks I'm a Shia so I'm unfortunately deadlocked! Now, it's a high time for me and anyhow get to marry so I got a marriage proposal from a Sunni girl and I accepted it since I've no choice. It's not that I've hidden my identity or something what I am but still there're many things which I can dictate in a day. I decided to be under Taqiyyah until I get marry and then teach my partner about the right path. For now, I've to follow as they say and have to marry in a way they follow. So, I just wanted to know if this marriage will be valid since some people says, it won't be valid and have to re-marry in a Shia way. I hope you understand.

Mashallah. You are blessed for Allah to have guided you to the path of Ahlulbayt (a). Yes the marriage is definitely valid, so don’t worry about that. May Allah make it easy on you, and Insha’Allah later Allah will guide her and her family through you.