I've committed many sins as a young Muslim especially with not lowering my gaze. Now I'm getting better and quiting all these habits I feel much better but I'm finding out just now that violation of other people's rights is not forgivable until that person forgives you. Since I did not lower my gaze I did looked at the beauty of women quite often. I'm not sure but I think that is a violation of their rights as women (please correct me if I'm wrong) and if that is so then how will Allah forgive me? I cannot go to all of them and seek their forgiveness. Besides the awkwardness, it's physically impossible to seek to contact them due to many reasons.

Now I've completely transformed myself and done many good deeds but this violation against them still hangs over me as guilt and a sin that I can't repent for since it's not against Allah but his creation. Is not lowering the gaze a violation of Allah's creations rights? If it is, how do I repent?

1- Know that Allah is merciful and if you truly repent He forgives you and gives a new, clean slate.

2- No you don’t have to go and seek their forgiveness for not lowering the gaze. In fact you should not in such situations. As long as you have asked Allah for forgiveness that is sufficient