If a husband keeps hand on Quran and says that he has no relationship with a Fahash female while wife knows he is lying then but for respect of Quran she remains silent and does not bring witness to keep respect of Quran. Then after few days the husband again has been seen by people having relationship with same Fahisha. Wife ask the husband again keeps hand on Quran and oath at name of Aima Masoomeen and wife remains quiet. For how long a wife can wait? Is this a sin for a husband that he commits perjury all the time to save his relationship with wife but he is always lying by the name of Masoomeen and Quran. I am surprised for how long a wife can wait and keep respect for pejury? Is this a sin for a man also?

1- What the husband is doing is sinful and Allah will hold him accountable for that.

2- As for the wife, if she doesn’t want to remain patient then next time she should not have him take an oath on the Qur’an and then she can take action about it.

3- If she keeps being patient Allah will compensate her. She should try to guide her husband using an effective approach, but at the end of the day he is responsible for his actions.