If there's a question like this
"Why do we need to apologize to Allah and why do we need to feel remorse if Allah in the first place has created us to be imperfect creation, to be limited, to tend to do mistakes? We can't be percect and Allah is the one who created us that way, why we need to feel so guilty anyway?"

How we should answer it? And how if I have this kind of thought that prevents me to feel remorse of my sins?

Allah did not create us to sin. Allah created us to worship him. Yes we have limitations and we sin, but Allah is training us to rise above sins and be strong. He has given us the capacity to avoid sins. We simply have to draw a red line around every sin, remind ourselves all sins are serious, see every sin as an ugly act, and better know Allah and His beauty to avoid sins.

We feel remorse because we didn’t have to sin. We chose to sin. We were not forced to sin. We could have avoided it. There are people in this world who don’t really sin. They have trained themselves to not sin. If they can do it, we can do it too.

Also, feel remorse for these reasons:

1- God has given you everything. Why violate His laws when he is so generous with you?

2- When you sin your hurt yourself and lower your rank. You are losing. So feel bad about that.

Of course if one repents Allah forgives them and grants them a high rank.

In sum, remorse shows you care. You are not negligent with sinning.