I’m seeking guidance on blessing leftover food and large quantities of food.

Regarding leftovers… if I prepare a meal and bless it before eating but can’t finish… must I also bless the leftovers if I reheat them the next day?

As for large quantities, is there any guidance for how much is able to be blessed at once? For example, if I buy a gallon of water and say bismillah before drinking from it, must I repeat the blessing each time I drink from the container?

I bless leftovers and large quantities when I return to them because it feels like the correct thing to do, but I have always wondered if it’s required.

Saying Bismillah on food is recommended not mandatory, so you don’t have to say it each time. Yes it’s recommended to say it each time and in fact with every bite of food. It brings you blessings from Allah and gives you protection from Shaytan.