In Surah Ra'ad (13:14):

To Him due is true prayer and those who pray beside Allah give them no Answer but like one who stretches forth hands towards the water that it may reach his mouth but it will not reach it; and the prayer of the unbeliever is only in error

my Q when anybody ask : Why do you say Ya Ali Madad

What answer I can give to *Him*

In 3:169 Allah makes it clear that those who die in His way are alive, and they receive sustenance from their Lord. When we say Ya Ali Madad, we are basically asking the Imam to help us with sustenance God has given him, just like you ask your friend or neighbor for help since God has given them some sustenance or power in this world.

The verse you quoted is addressing pagans who would worship idols and call out to them. Idols are not alive nor do they have sustenance from their Lord, nor is anything besides Allah to be worshipped.