It is widely known that Islam told us about such scientific theories that the scientist centuries later proved, and thus it is a sign that Islam is divinely influenced.

But the same science that generally supports Islam, opposed Islam many times as well (for instance the theory of Evolution while Islam says that Allah created Humans as in their today form directly) , which leads to us rejecting such claims and theories and claiming that Science in this case, as of now is wrong.

So this leads to a circular argument where,
We use certain parts of Science in our favour and reject certain parts.

Although I don't have any doubt whatsoever, It is a major counter for atheism
Thats the reason, I want to ask if other than Science, is there a way to prove Islam or God in general?

1- So far there is not one single example of factual science disproving Islam/Qur’an. The theory of evolution is still being studied. There is no conclusive understanding of it. Scientists are trying to understand it everyday.

2- I recommend seeing the following: