I’ve been praying salah Al layl and making dua and praying with full voice and intention but it has no effect on me. I still can’t control my desires. I just prayed and went to sin right after. I know this won’t lead me to a better life and Allah(Swt) has promised difficultly when we sin. But I don’t think I put my trust 100% in Allah(swt) because if I did I wouldn’t sin because He promised us sin is bad. I don’t know how to stop sin I’ve read Quran I’ve prayer extra prayers I’ve made dua I’ve cried I gave wealth away. I don’t want to become unsuccessful in this life and the next. I know my enemy very well I don’t follow the path of the shaytan. But I still get desires out of the blue even while praying and I sin. I think my heart is sealed. I know the prayer is for me and I understand It’s a meeting with the one who has control over everything my sin is making me deluded

I recommend seeing this video as it can potentially change the way prayer impacts you:


Also, keep yourself super busy so you don’t have time and you don’t have an opportunity to sin.

Don’t convince yourself that your heart is sealed. Satan wants you to lose hope. Do istighfaar 70 times a day and say la ilaha illa Allah 100 times a day (when you say them say them slowly and take a deep breath) and Insha’Allah your heart will open. Allah created your heart. Don’t let anything take your heart away from Him.