I’ve been struggling to pray my whole life. I’m 19 years old. I’ve watched many videos about prayer including your videos. I’ve watched hours of videos on prayer. I understand what prayer is. I know it’s an appointment to the most merciful lord of the worlds. I understand it’s for my benefit and I understand It’s mandatory on the believers. Allah(swt) made it mandatory for our own sake. Allahmudallah for our merciful one god. I know what I’m saying in salah and I know I’m praying to Allah(swt) the one true god who has all power and and knowledge. Ive had times i had times in my life where I enjoyed prayer but recently I started hating it. When I used to pray the only thing I would ask for was to get closer to Allah(swt) because I know that my faith is the most important thing In this world. I donated what I loved like Allah(swt) instructed us so we might get close to him. I gave money to the poor and gave energy my energy to the people around me. Allah(swt) is always in my mind and I’m always ashamed of what I’ve become. I’m very depressed now more then ever and I’ve looked into the Quran for guidance but nothing has helped

1- Sometimes certain sins cause us to struggle with prayers. If this is applicable try to stop them as best as you can.

2- Sometimes we don’t fully accept God’s system, or something happened and we are upset with God for letting it happen. If this is applicable try to overcome it.

3- Talk to yourself before praying. Psychologically it’s very impactful. Tell yourself: I will now pray just like the Prophet (s) prayed and just like Imam Ali (a) prayed. I’ll just stand and thank my Lord. That’s it. Sometimes mentally simplifying it helps.