My father wants me to continue through school and possibly university and I want to pursue my own independent career in finance…Me not graduating from school, will make my father sad, disappointed, extremely angry, and may lead to a divorce between my parents. If I go to university, I’ll be most likely losing time because at the end I’ll continue from where I’m from now. Even if I graduated school but didn’t go to university, it’s not even sure if my father would accept me doing what I want to do.

Do I have to give up on my time in order to go do this and please my father? I’ve just grown bored of it and if I do study, I’ll be studying without wanting to actually study, which may lead to me failing again unless it’s haram which would be my determination

Your father cannot force you to pursue a path or career that you want, and ultimately it’s your choice. However, at the same time, you should not hurt your father. So if you don’t want to continue school and you think you won’t succeed since that’s not what you are interested in, pursue the career you want and soften your father’s position so he’s not too upset with you. Kiss his hands, show him love, serve him more and just tell him you are unable to succeed in school when you are not convinced. Have some elders whom he respects talk to him to soften him.