My finger bleed very little, but I didn't wash it until the next day, and then I made ablution and prayed, while I was praying, I remember that I still had this wound that I haven't washed, but I decided to continue to pray, after I finished, I checked my wound, it has been covered by my skin (almost healed), the color of the wound already became brown (i think it's the process of the skin covering the wound). I perceived that there is not blood anymore on the outside, maybe it's because the skin covered it, do I need to redo my salah?

If the blood that was on your finger when you prayed was less than the size of the Dirham (which is about the size of the thumb fingernail) then your prayer was valid. But if when you prayed there was more blood and that and you forgot to wash it away, then you need to redo the prayer Qadha’.