My question is a bit long. I have a question regarding Tawassul. As far as I know Tawassul means seeking wasila meaning we go to Allah (swt) through wasila. I have read many duas which talks about tawassul.
In dua tawassul we read
"O Allah, I beseech You and turn my face toward You in the name of Your Prophet; the Prophet of Mercy"
So the dua starts with asking Allah (swt). Similarly man dua are on this pattern. My question is
Q. Does saying "O Imam Hussain please fulfil me haajat (need) " correct?
As you can see we are directly asking Imam Hussain also I can't find traditions and duas which support this type of tawassul.
Are there any authentic narrations supporting this?

It is permissible to directly ask Imam Hussain (a) if you recognize that:

1- Everything he has from Allah. He has special sustenance from Allah.

2- Allah has authorized him to intercede for people.

3- In no way do you see him as divine or the object of worship.

In the Ziyara of Imam Hussain (a) on night of Eid, there is a passage that states:

يا مولاي أتيتك خائفا " فآمني، وأتيتك مستجيرا " فأجرني وأتيتك فقيرا " فأغنني

Oh my master, I have…come to you poor so enrich me.

As you can see, here we are directly asking Imam Hussain (a).