My question is related to the rulings in islam about marriage. Since "arranged marriage" is a norm in asian households, its usually the parents who choose a suitor for their children amidst this how is one supposed to judge a persons(possible spouse) akhlaq and living in diverse world. If you come across someone who you want to approach for marriage, we are blocked by some discriminatory rules.

1. Is it permissible for a shia sayed female to marry a non sayed or non shia muslim(keeping in mind that the discrimination between sayeds and non sayeds is very evident in the asian culture.) 

2. What are the rulings for inter sect marriages, why is it not encouraged.

3. What are the Islamic rights of a daughter who's father doesn't give her permission to marry out of sect.

1. Yes it’s permissible

2. It might create many problems in the future eg naming of children, ziyarah, matam etc

3. She needs to discuss this with a scholar because it may be depending on a number of issues