My wife gives me money so that I can pay artists to draw us together in art pieces that depicts sex though these drawings do not resemble us, and we do not give them any references of us to base their drawings on us. Is this allowed? It allows me and my wife to be more intimate with each other during sex. The paintings are not physical and only digital, and it would be viewed only by us. We do not use these drawings as a means to masturbate either. It excites each other so we would have sex together.

They draw characters that are totally different from us, they would have no idea how we look like. The characters represent us though, though at the same time, do not look like us whatsoever.

No there is no clear evidence that this is haram. Scholars state as a precaution one should avoid it. But since this is the only way that allows you to be intimate with your wife, and it won’t lead to any negative consequences (like watching porn) then it should be ok.