My wife's family is making her go with them to a pool place this weekend (it's private with no non-mahrams present), and we know that submerging the head in water whilst fasting is haram, and it's a woman, and woman can't submerge their bodies in water while fasting because the water goes "in" them. But her family are extremely violent anti-Islam Alevis who hate the religion, and her and I are scared they might hurt her or do something to her because she won't swim with them do to fasting. Her family only JUST starting allowing her to pray salah, and we don't want them to take it away from her. Should she use taqiyyah? If so, will she still have to fast 2 months as recompense?
What should she do?

1- She can go inside the pool. Let her just make sure not to submerge her head in water.

2- Assuming she has to submerge her head, if she has to do that to protect herself, then she won’t be sinful in doing that and she doesn’t have two fast 2 consecutive months.