Nowadays, some muslim youngsters are childfree, they think they are not capable enough to handle children financially or mentally, they think it is better not to have kids if their incapability could hurt the children, some of them are the victims to their parents hence they think this way, how does Islam see this? Is it permissible?

Secondly, besides childfree, youngsters also think about "marriage free" they think marriage is not easy, they don't want to end up in a divorce, some of them are traumatized by their parents or previous relationships, I also once heard about a victim of rape then she become very traumatized with men and decided not to get married, ever. She has been even going to therapist.
How does islam see "marriage free"? is it okay not to get married?

1- It’s permissible not to have to children, but it’s not recommended. Islam wants us to have children and make the effort to raise them. We must sacrifice. It’s worth it.

2- It’s permissible not to get married as long as she guarantees she won’t fall into sins and she can guard her chastity. She should not let her that bad experience ruin her life. There are good men out there and she can make the effort to know someone good Insha’Allah.