Over the last two years I feel I have lost complete faith both in religion and religious studies. I was once in love with the religion and recently, I have find myself actively avoiding prayer, becoming angry and frustrated at the mention of attending the masjid/ religious areas.
I know I want to return back to the religion but I feel lost and unable to muster the strength to do so.
Alhamdulliah I have so much positivity in my life but this seem so empty now that I have lost my connection to my religion.
I don’t know what to do or how to start, so I suppose my question is have you any advice for a youth who desires to reconnect to Allah (swt) but is unable?

I recommend the following:

1- Try to figure out why you lost interest in religion. Are you upset with God over something that happened? Did you commit a sin and did not really feel guilty about it? Do you have doubts about some religious teachings? Identifying the cause is always very helpful.

2- At night, do sujud for 2 minutes and take a deep break and say Sobhana rabbial a’la wa behamdeh.
And before you sleep, say La ilaha illa Allah 100 times—slowly and with a deep breath. These two are really helpful.

3- At night, stand on your feet and read the Qur’an for 2 minutes. Read one verse, then reflect on it.

4- If you don’t feel loved by Allah, I recommend seeing this: