Over the past 2 years, my heart unintentionally fallen in love with a sister but I cannot marry her. I have told myself that I cannot marry her but my heart just does not let go. What can I do to get my feelings off for her?

1- Be patient. It requires time to move on. Believe that you’ll be able to move on. Many people experience this same struggle but with time they’re able to move on.

2- Keep yourself busy. Don’t leave free time.

3- If you can, go for Ziyarah or Umrah.

4- Do sujud for several minutes each night and with a deep breath each time say: سبحان ربي الاعلى وبحمده (subhana rabbial a3la wa be7amdeh)

5- Before sleeping, say 100 times لا اله الا الله (la ilaha illa allah) and take a deep breath each time

6- Read this Dua’: