Over the years, in our home so many extra copies of the Quran, Surahs, Ziarah and Aamaal books and papers have been collected. We have checked with local centers and they are not taking donations. What is the correct honourable way to manage these holy items?

Secondly, I also wanted to ask – there are turbahs, imam zaamin bands, tasbeehat as well, and the same questions applies to these too.

If your local center does not accept them, reach out to other centers in other cities or countries that are willing to accept them.

As for the Qur’an, you cannot discard it or recycle it, as that would be disrespectful to it.

As for the turbah, you can gently put it in a body of water. As for tasbihs you can recycle them. You can also put the bands in a body of water.