Question: I want to understand the meaning of 'knowing' in Islam.

My situation is as follows:

I did Mutah with a girl who had recently got her Khula done. At the time of the mutah, both of us mistakenly thought that the Iddah might not be applicable to her as she had been physically away from her husband since 4 months and was getting her periods within this duration ascertaining that she is not pregnant. We were unsure about the applicability of the Mutah and hence, we did some further research, but could not find a definite answer and thought the the point of the waiting period is just to ensure that the girl is not pregnant. Therefore, without being completely sure about the applicability, we went ahead and did the Mutah.

However, we found out about a couple of months later that the waiting period is applicable from the day of the Khula regardless of the girl being physically away from the husband or not. We immediately separated and did the Mutah again after her waiting period. Moreover, we had not gone to bed within this period.

Now, I am in love with this girl and want to do Nikah with her but I constantly keep getting doubts that I might be with a girl who is haraam for me forever. Please clear this doubt for me as I love her and want to do Nikah with her but am afraid that the relationship will fall apart because of my doubts. The doubt I have is whether I 'knew' that she was in the waiting period or not, based on the described situation.

1- If you did not know you cannot do Mut’ah with her while she was in the Iddah of Khulu’

2- And you did not sleep with her during that first time

Then she is not permanently haram to you. You can marry her. But if you slept with her the first time when she was in the Iddah of her Khulu’ then you cannot marry her