Sir, I wanted to ask if a chicken has been beheaded and the blood has been taken out (like we muslims do) but bismillah and other takbeers have not been recited at the time of zibah, will that meat be halal? I heard from some Sunni friends that since Islam works logically and the logic behind islamic zibah is its health benefits so now that the blood has been taken out, we can say bismillah ourselves and eat the meat. They also give the reference of this hadith from Sahib Bukhari, narrated by Aisha, that once a group of people came to Rasullulah (SAWW) and asked that the meat comes from outside Medina so we are not sure if it’s halal or not to which the Prophet replied that say bismillah yourselves and eat it. Can you please clarify this problem and confirm if the hadith is authentic or not.

In our school of thought, the Bismillah must be recited at the time of slaughter. If not, it doesn’t become halal. As for the hadith in Bukhari, we do not deem it reliable.