So there is this video game here in which there are made up gods and mythology in it. At several points in the game we interact with the statues of these so-called gods and by doing so we unlock other features of the game. By ineract I mean that we take our character near these statues a press a certain key on the keyboard and its done no animation no nothing BUT we do have the option to "Worship" these so-called god's statues and take blessings from them which in turn gives us huge in-game benifits, But note that the worshipping and taking blessing part is optional and the game can be played without it. Other than this, we also go into temples but not to do any ritual or worship but to defeat the bad guys and take the territory out of the villans hands. The story-line also include fighting with these so-called gods at some points. So would it be permissible to play this game if it does not affect our beliefs and do not worship these in-game "gods" or take blessings with them

If you are confident that this game does not influence your beliefs in any negative way, and you playing it is not considered by your society as supporting idol worshipping, then it’s permissible