There are multiple hadith saying the importance of reciting diffrent duas/ziyarat during the months of Rajjab, Shaban and month of Ramadan. I am not really good with reciting in arabic, and I much more enjoy listening to a dua, whilst reading the translation simultaneously so I can understand and follow everything being said.
Is the reward mentioned for the one who «recite» a dua for example, reciting dua kumayl on thursday, or reciting dua Hamza Thumali during the nights of ramadan the same as the one who listens to it attentively, or should one make the effort to recite it?

There is a reward for listening attentively and reading the translation. However, we don’t know if it’s the same reward as making the effort to recite it. Reciting it might carry a greater reward. Hence I recommend, while listening attentively, you also recite it (even if you silently recite it like whispering it).