What advice is recommended for situations as a husband living with his parents and his wife. I am recently married with my wife (3 months) and live with my parents. My wife is having trouble acclimating to living with my parents and Alhamdulilla my parents are lenient in the aspect that they don’t have any expectations like cooking, taking on large house work. However, things started to get rocky…My parents are getting frustrated because they don’t feel it’s right and I feel for them and my wife. My parents are so frustrated that they want to kick us out and live on our own. What advice do you suggest? I want to live with my parents and keep them happy and at the same time, I want to keep my wife happy too.

1- As a first step, I recommend you do your best to creatively remove the tension between your mother and wife. Sometimes with some creativity it’s possible to achieve that. Brainstorm, see how tension can be avoided, and gently work on both sides.

2- If that doesn’t work, and you realize no matter what you do the tension is there, then it’s best to move out. Your parents might get upset, but try to compensate by showing them more kindness. Constantly check on them, serve them, be there for them, and show more kindness to them than before. This will help reduce their disappointment.