What are the most recommended surahs to recite during Salatul Layl?
I ask because I’ve read lots of different recommendations in different articles.
Is there a particular collection of surahs which which is most recommended, or is it the case we should recite different parts of the Quran each night?
On a related note, I heard in a Sunni lecture that the Prophet (saws) was heard reciting really long surahs like Baqarah and Ale Imran in his Salatul Layl. Do the Shia scholars accept these reports too?

According to our hadiths, the following is recommended:

-In the 8th rak’a of Salat al-Layl to recite Sura al-Insaan

-In the 1st and 2nd rak’as to recite Sura Ikhlaas 30 times

-In the Shaf’a prayer, to recite Sura Naas and Sura Falaq

In the Watr prayer, to recite 3x Ikhlaas then Falaq and Naas

Yes the Prophet (s) would recite long Surahs because he would spend most of the night standing on his feet.

You may see this video for further details: