What is the problem with the believe that Allah (azwj) is creating the rizq and the Aimmah (asws) distributing it, as a part of their Wilaya and by the will of Allah? (Like for example Allah orders different angel to do some tasks)

For example based on that narration from al basair

حدثنا محمد بن عبد الجبار عن الحسن بن الحسين اللؤلؤي عن احمد بن الحسن الميثمى عن صالح عن ابى حمزة قال آنت عند على بن الحسين وعصافير على الحايط قبالته يصحنفقال يابا حمزة اتدرى ما يقلن قال يتحدثن ان لهن وقت يسالن فيه قوتهن يا ابا حمزة لاتنامن قبل طلوع الشمس فانى اكرهها لك ان الله يقسم في ذلك الوقت ارزاق العباد وعلى ايدينايجريها

I’m asking as I’m somehow reading sometimes from scholars that this is a belief of the gholat, while I’m not getting the problem with that believe, since it’s based on Ahadith from known books and also it is not making them (asws) independent from Allah (audhubillah), but it is ascribing a special task to them while Allah is the Originator from that

There is no doctrinal harm from this side, but believing in it is not a must, and not believing in it does not harm.
On the other hand, the narration mentioned is weak on the one hand, and it is not suitable for building a faith.