What kinda of music is haram? I've seen so many ahadith which say that music is something which Allah Azza wa Jal has promised Hellfire. But I've also seen ahadith where Imam Musa al-Kadhim AS said that music and singing is fine in case of celebration and as long as it doesn't lead to transgression, also one that said Imam Ja’far AS enjoyed the short-lute. I also saw a hadith where the Prophet SAWA found some Muslims banging drums and singing, and he told them to continue so that the Jews would know that Islam gives us freedom. From my knowledge their isnad is sahih, but I find their contents suspicious.
Like I said earlier, I've seen lots of ahadith that says that music is something for which Hell is promised, and that music is something which celebrates the death of Nabi ’Adam AS. I can't see the Imams AS permitting or allowing music in any form.

Can you please explain this to me? Are these ahadith forbidding music only about certain kinds? But it really seems like they apply to all.

This video explains it well: