What was Abu Talib AS's given name? I watch a Shi’i documentary on him and read in another place that his name was "’Abd Manaf", but Manaf was a pagan pre-Islamic diety. But it makes no sense his father or anyone would name him that, because they were all monotheists who worshipped Allah Azza wa Jal and were the divine authorities before Muhammad SAWA and ’Ali AS.

So why was his name "’Abd Manaf" (Servant of Manaf), Manaf being an Arab pagan deity?

There are various reports about Abu Taleb’s name.

Some say his name was Abu Taleb. So his Konya was Abu Taleb and his name was Abu Taleb.

Some reports indicate his name was Imran.

And some state his name was Abd Manaf. Assuming it indeed was Abd Manaf, it doesn’t mean he is the slave of an idol called Manaf. That’s because Manaf in Arabic means: virtue, honor and goodness. So this is the meaning of his name.