What would be the best advice you would give to a 13 year old who is into her religion? I'm in a mixed school so, I see na mahrams in my class and outside and when it is inside things are a bit hard to control and when I end up looking at a na mahram in my class my faith in Imam Al Mahdi عجل الله فرجه شريف decreases. What do I do to keep my gaze low and think about Sahib Al Asr?

1- Every morning recite Du’a al-Ahd, and on Fridays recite Dua Nudbah. Don’t just recite it quickly. Contemplate its beautiful meanings. Reflect on it. Feel the pain of separation from the Imam while he is in Ghaybah.

2- Every morning before you go to school, speak to your Imam. Tell him today I will make you happy. Pray for me my Imam. Today in school I will remember you and make you smile. I will fear Allah and not do anything haram. You have gone through so much pain O my Imam. You cry everyday for your grandfather Imam Hussain (a). You are sad to see all the injustice happening on earth everyday. I won’t add to your sadness by sinning. I will make you happy. Having this daily conversation with the Imam is really effective and helpful Insha’Allah