Why is blood money different for female and male fetus in case of an abortion

'5250 mithqal of silver for a male child and 2625 mithqal for a female child.'

1) Why would it be worth less if it was a female fetus
2) So does this ruling apply to all societies? Is there an exception
3) How does it apply to a fetus when both genders havent lived their lives to lead a family for those conditions to apply?

1) In general, the blood money for a female is less than a male because (historically in most societies) the financial loss of a male dying is more than a female dying because men are usually the breadwinners and are obligated to provide for their families.

2) Yes it applies to all societies without any exceptions.

3) It’s about the potential loss. If this fetus would have lived, and he would he a male, in the future he would bring in more money (on average) to the family.