Can He (swt) make me sure that He is speaking through certainty of the heart? I do not think it’s possible to see him through the eyes. I have looked at the tafsir of Quran 75:22 and it said it is seeing with the heart and not physical seeing.

He already did.
He gave you Quran. Prophet says if you want Allah talk to you, read Quran. Sure it is not possible to see him by eyes, but you can see him in every single thing around you.
Just think about your self, and all the complicated parts you have in your body.
Think about your tiny kidney, which works 24 hours to clean your body, while you are doing other things. How big machine you will need to do it's job, while you are tied to that machine not able to do any activity for hours.
Do not you see him in this small part?
How it existed with so sophisticated job?