Can I name my baby Youzarsif if I have a baby boy and Adeeya if I have a baby girl. Can you also please send me the meaning of both the names

In Risalatul Huqooq of Imam Sajjad a.s it has mentioned that the first responsibility of parents towards their child is to give them Good Name. I don’t know this name Youzarsif was really Prophet Yusuf (a.s) name as it was used in the Serial related to the life of Prophet Yusuf (a.s).
But there are many narration that our Aimmah (a.s) were putting the names of their children on either Prophets names or Aimmah’s names. As when someone asked Imam Husain (a.s) why do you have all your children’s name Ali he said if I would have hundred children I would put their names Ali and if they were girls I would put their names Fatima.
Also it’s Mustahab that we put our first born baby boys name “Muhammad”. Therefore even if you want to give your child’s name YUSUF it’s better as it has mentioned in the Holy Quran but for Yuzarsif we don’t have that much authentic Hadith. Because if his name was Yuzarsif that much important then why Quran didn’t mention it. Ok it might me it an Ebraani name but not Islamic and Quranic name.