Can Mut’a (marriage) be made with woman whose husband abandoned her for like 6 months, a year or even more.
However, it was found out that this husband had already given consent to the woman that she is free to have extra-marrital affairs outside, as he also does the same that he has no much time in having sexual affairs with her and that he doesn’t divorce her.
Nevertheless, this woman has been experiencing irregularities in her (i’dah) period, as a result of her husband’s failure to meet her sexually, hence, she fears an untimely MENOPAUSE stage.

I seek refuge in God.
Of course not, she is still a wife.
As long as he does not want her, he must divorce her so that she can marry someone else, and if he refuses to divorce her, and he emigrated to her and does not support her, then she can raise her order to the Marja'a, who orders him to live with her kindly and spend on her or to divorce her, and if he denied both options, then she will be divorced by the Marja'a