Can the Jinn live with us in the same house? Can they do something to us to scare us? Can they hurt us?

No doubt other than humans, there is another creation of Allah which exist who we call Jinn. Also on the basis of Quranic proof we know that their origin is different from us human beings. Now in light of some rewayat ( traditions) it has come that amongst Jinn we have good and bad Jinn too. We have Kafir and Muslim jinn too. Also their body is soft and not visible for us, they can move and live anywhere. But same time we have many myths and rumors about Jinn too. It unfair and unjust that because of their invisibility they harm humans. Allah (swt) has not created any creation out of ignorance and without purpose therefore it’s not completely true that Jinn harms people frequently. They have their own purpose of life and Quran is also their Holy book as it is for human beings.
So we can say they can live any place even where human being also live but it doesn’t mean they always create problems for humans or they have any superiority over humans. Human beings are the best creation of Allah (swt) as Quran says ( Certainly We have created Human in the best form of creation). So yes Jinn does exist and can live with us without our knowledge but they have no authority to cause any problem for us.