Can you advise whether one can do a kulla without the presence of a maulana? And what must one recite in the seegha? I have two members of my family who are willing to act as my witnesses. If I recite my seegha whilst in a pure state, in front of two sane and just witnesses, and observe my idda period, will this be accepted by Allah?

Khulʿ is a divorce of a wife who is not fond of her husband and has an aversion to him and gives him her dowry (mahr) or some of her other property so that he divorces her.
In a khulʿ divorce, it is a requirement that the wife’s aversion to her husband be at such a level that it is a threat to her fulfilling her marital duties.
Khulʿ seegha is applied by the husband, not by wife.
He says: I give my wife a khulʿ divorce upon accepting what she has given, and so she is divorced.

Hence, what you suggested, is not applicable.