Can you kindly shed light upon the context of these verses in surah al jum'a please:

They are those who are saying, ‘Do not spend upon ones in the presence of Rasool-Allah until they disband’. And for Allah are the treasures of the skies and the earth, but the hypocrites do not understand. They are saying, ‘When we return to Al-Medina, the honourable ones will expel the humble from it’. And for Allah is the Honour, and for His Rasool, and for the Momineen, but the hypocrites do not know [63:7-8]

In tafsir al-Qommi 372:2 we see that it is Abdullah ibn Abayy who utered these words, but I don't understand if he identify himself with the honourable ones (who will kick out rasool Allah s) or the humble ones and therefore fear to be kicked out by rasool Allah. And does he says to the ansar that you should not spend for the muhajjirun or does he lament that they have already done so and therefore empowered the muhajirun over the ansar?

Abdullah ibn Ubay was among the leader of the hypocrites. He said to his companions: don’t give Muslims any money or help so that they abandon the Prophet (s).

Then he said: after we go back to Medina (after the Battle of Banul Mostalaq), let us honorable ones kick out the weak ones. And by weak ones he means the Prophet and Muslims. He didn’t want Muslims to stay in Medina.