Can you please let me know who reported this Hadith from the Prophet and if it’s authentic.

The Holy Prophet (S) has stated,
“A person who possesses a sitar, on the day of Qiyāma will be raised with a black face. His hands will be holding a sitar of fire. Seventy thousand angels with maces of fire will be hitting him on the face and the head. The singer will arise from his grave, blind, deaf and dumb. The adulterer will be similarly raised. The player of flute will also be made to rise in this way as will be the drum player.”

Mustadrak al-Wasa il, volume 13, page 219, Hadith 15175

And also Hadith 15176

No. 15175 is taken from a Persian book, which was written in the 6th century after hijjra. I could not find the book to check the hadeeth.
No. 15176 is taken from a book called جامع الأخبار. In this book, there are no names given for reporters, and the book is written in the 7th century, after hijjra.