Can you suggest English books on the biographies of the Holy Prophet (s) and the Imams (a)?

The ones I’ve read so far are more “survey histories,” focusing on, for example Karbala, in the case of Imam Hussain (a) and contain lots of commentary on their personality (without much in the way of what happened through their lifetimes and how they handled their affairs). They are full of praise and low on content.

I am looking for actual histories, with the story of their lives. Events and their handling of the events. Their motivations and explanations. Their conversations with friend and foe alike etc. with references, of course. Like a modern biography written on, say, Napoleon or Churchill or even Steve Jobs.

Are there such books available in English? And in physical printed versions? I prefer reading physical, paper books. But I’ll take PDFs, if there isn’t another option.

There is a book which I enjoyed reading. It is written by a non-Muslim however well written.
The author is Lesley Hazelton. She had a book about the prophet, I believe the title is The First Muslim
And a second one which I enjoyed more was After the Prophet. has some good books