Can you tell me how to be good at time management

Some tips:

1- Have a daily planner. Schedule your time. When you schedule every hour of the day, you will achieve more and waste less time.

2- Schedule your prayer times in your planner. It helps with concentration and praying on time.

3- Schedule 15 minutes for Qur’an recitation and 15 minutes reading Tafsir of the verses.

4- Set up reminders on your phone.

5- Keep track of your progress. If you are not sticking to your schedule, have someone motivate you or pressure you. Put some appropriate consequences.

6- Assign at least 30 minutes a day to increasing your Islamic knowledge (lectures, books, online seminary classes, and so on).

7- Assign 30 minutes for exercising.

8- Assign 30 minutes to silat rahem: calling parents, siblings, relatives, etc…

9- Ask Allah to put barakah in your time.