Could you please tell me the rulings about burning the bukhoor and melting this salt stone they call it shiba to solve hasad.

I am married to a family using a lot of superstisious ways and sayings not being able to explain with islam. I cant find anything about this shib.. I do not want to commit shirk and know about the ruqyah on water and oil the quran as a protection, but is there any ahadith or quranic verse talking about the shiba and bukhoor?

They also melt a kind of metal and throw it into water do wudu by it and say it is against sihr and I asked where is evidence that this is halal and done by our prophet Muhammad saws? They got offended and Said there are ahadith but do not know which…

Please tell me if this is halal if there are ahadith for this and if haram how I can explain to them that this is not allowed.

It has nothing to do with Islam.
These are just believes with no religion related basis.