Couple have been married for (removed) years but she has not meet her spouse family as they live in (removed). The spouse always visits his family. He has not told family that his spouse is from Sunni family, but she has been blessed to follow the path of the Ahlulbayt (as) in (removed).

Her spouse does not like going to her family house. When ever her family invites them both, he always has an excuse not to go. This leads to an argument and they don’t end up going.If she goes alone her family will always ask why the spouse never comes and she can’t keep lying and say he is working all the time. Her family have said that when ever we invite you never come. She can not leave her family, but it makes her feel that way. The spouse would definitely not leave his family. How can one overcome this issue?

Has the husband ever explained to his wife the reason as to why he doesn’t visit his in laws?
Islam expect him to have relationship with his in-laws. They are like his parents. My advice will be based on the response to the above question