Did the Prophet say read last 2 ayat of Surah Al Bakarah & 1st 10 ayat's of Surah Al Khaaf everday? And did he also say recite surah Al Falak & surah Al Naas everday to be healthy and to fall from sickness?

This is a very wide field of study. I can’t say whether Holy Prophet has said this or not unless you give me the reference therefore I can then check that book.
One thing is very clear that there are many unauthentic hadith present in this regard specially what is the benefit of reciting such and such ayah or Sura. Many of them are not authentic but the same time we can’t deny the fact that Quran has Shifa. This shifa (cure) is mostly related to our spiritual disease instead of our physical one. For any physical disease we have to consult doctor or the expert of medicine while having the faith in Allah that He who has given Shifa (cure) in every medicine.