Do some present marajay allow to recite shahadat e salisa? May you please tell me their names; one of my friend denies taqleed due to this issue. If its righteous to follow those marajay who allow shahadat e salisa, I can convince her for taqleed. She also has some written fatwas of late marajay in her father documents who allow this. And did they allow it as wajib or mustahab? Why there is so much debate on this topic if some marajay allow this? May you provide please any riwayat that proves that the tashahud with 2 shahadaa is correct.

In fact most of the marjas don’t allow the third shahdat except say Sayyid SADIQ Shirazi. They don’t allow it as Wajib but as mustahabb. However, there are some scholars (not marja) Who claim it’s wajib. One has to be free in choosing his or her marja without any force