Do we have any narrations on Rasoolallah (saww) fighting in battles himself? I had always believed that the prophet SAWA would be at the front of the lines fighting or atleast in the middle of the battlefield fighting. However recently someone told me that while he (sawa) was present at the battles, he never actually fought in them or that he stayed in the back. I have trouble believing this as I’ve heard a hadith from Imam Ali as when Imam Hassan AS charged the enemy at Jamaal after Muhammad ibn Hanafiyya couldnt, where he said something along the lines of “that is because Muhammad is my son, and Hassan AS is the son of Rasoolallah SAWA” (paraphrasing I dont remember the exact hadith). Based on this I always assumed Rasoolallah SAWA was amongst the fiercest warriors but now I’m confused a little and would love clarification. I suppose theres multiple questions here so to simplify:

1. Was Rasoolallah SAWA in the front, middle or back of the battlefield?
2. Did Rasoolallah SAWA fight in the battles himself, or was he only there to command and instruct the army?
3. If Rasoolallah SAWA did fight, did he kill anyone?
4. If Rasoolallah SAWA wasnt actively fighting, did he atleast wield weapons to defend himself? (I feel like this last question is silly but someone said he never wielded a weapon)

Yes the prophet did participate in the battles and he would fight. He did not hide in the back, this was used to cover up the others who were hiding in the back. He did carry weapons to defend himself as well.

There is an opinion that says he did not personally kill anyone. He would fight without killing. This is perhaps due to his mercy.