Do you have any ahadith that speak against tattoos? I have heard that the prophets/imams disliked tattoos and have asked to stay away from them, but i have not found any references.

Salam Alaikom

Tattoos are permissible but they are makrouh.

For example here is one hadith in the book Ma’ani al-Akhbar by Shaykh al-Sadouq:

عن مولانا الإمام جعفر بن محمد (عليهما السلام) عن آبائه (عليهم السلام) قال : (لعن رسول الله النامصة والمنتمصة والواشرة والموتشرة والواصلة والمستوصلة والواشمة والموتشمة…)